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Don't just settle… EXPAND!   Expand your business from locally to world-wide!

In the new information-system age, Internet is the frontier and the main stream of millions of business transactions conducted everyday. Countless people shop and search on the Internet for that special-occasion gifts, everyday commodities, and services for their homes and businesses. Macropixel is here to assist you in bringing your business to the main stream of all the business deals and to help you maximize revenues for your business.

Making the right move at the right time could be critical for a business. Making the right decisions and heading in the right directions ultimately result in company growth. Professionals at Macropixel have expertise in web development, computer consultation, and graphics/logo design. We will analyze your business and strategically customize a website tailored to the needs of your company. Whether it is a standard website, website of animations, interactive movies or e-commerce, we will create it to best reflect and represent your company on the Internet.

Our marketing team will work with you in promoting your site to achieve the highest Internet traffic, which as a result, will increase publicity for your business. Macropixel makes certain that the websites of its clients are updated and maintained as requested by the clients.

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